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Wednesday 7-29-2020 7:00  PM  

Chapter 17 Nicodemus  Questions   Text

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Prayer Leader: Mickael Moore

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This weeks notes:

Wednesday 7-22-2020 7:00  PM  

Chapter 16 In His Temple  Questions   Text

This weeks roles

Prayer Leader: Rich Richardson  

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This weeks notes:

In His Temple (selected highlights)

“…the coming of the Messiah … was often the theme of conversation. The hope of national greatness was dwelt upon with kindling enthusiasm. Jesus knew this hope was to be disappointed, for it was founded on a misinterpretation of the Scriptures.”

The temple courts were filled with promiscuous throng. Many were unable to bring with them the sacrificeds that were to be offered up as typifying the one great Sacrifice. For their convenience, animals were bought and sold in the outer court of the temple. Every Jew was required to pay yearly a half shekel as a ransom for his soul. It was required that all foreign coin should be changed for a coin called the temple shekel.

The money changing gave opportunity for fraud and extortion, and it had grown into a disgraceful traffic, which was a source of revenue to the priests. The dealers demanded exorbitant prices for the animals sold, and they shared their profits with the priests and rulers, who thus enriched themselves at the expense of the people.

When Christ arrives on the scene, the confusion is hushed. The sound of traffic and bargaining power has ceased. Looking upon Christ, they behold that divinity flash through the garb of humanity.

“Slowly descending the steps, and raising the scourge of cords gathered up on entering the enclosure, He bids the bargaining company depart from the precincts of the temple. With zeal and severity He has never before manifested, He overthrows the tables of the money-changers. The coin falls. None dare stop to gather up their ill-gotten gain. Jesus does not smite them with whip of cords, but in His hand that simple scourge seems terrible as a flaming sword.”

In the cleansing of the temple, Jesus was announcing His mission as the Messiah, and entering upon His work.

Wednesday 7-15-2020 7:00  PM  

Chapter 15 At the Marriage Feast  Questions   Text

This weeks roles

Prayer Leader: Rich Richardson  

Special Music: Open

Opening Prayer: Open

Testimony: Open

This weeks notes:

Elder Mickaël Moore

Highlights from Ch. 15: At the Marriage Feast

It was to honor Mary’s trust, and to strengthen the faith of His disciples, that the first miracle was performed.

Jesus answered Mary: “Woman, what have I to do with thee?” The Saviour’s form of address to His mother was in accordance with Oriental custom. It was used toward persons to whom it was desired to show respect.

[On Jesus changing water into wine]…The gift of Christ to the marriage feast was a symbol. The water represented baptism into His death; the wine, the shedding of His blood for the sins of the world.

At the first feast He attended with His disciples, Jesus gave them the cup that symbolized His work for their salvation. At the last supper He gave it again, in the institution of that sacred rite by which His death was to be shown forth “till He come.”

By attending the marriage feast, Jesus honored marriage as a divine institution.

Jesus often repaired to the mountains for solitary prayer, but this was preparation for His labor among men in active life. From these seasons He came forth to relieve the sick, to instruct the ignorant, and to break the chains from the captives of Satan.

We are not to renounce social communion. We should not seclude ourselves from others. In order to reach all classes, we must meet then where they are.

Wednesday 7-8-2020 7:00  PM  

Chapter 14 We Have Found the Messias   Questions   Text


This weeks roles

Prayer Leader: Mickaël Moore

Special Music: Open

Opening Prayer: Open

Testimony: Open

This weeks notes:

By Elder Mickaël Moore

A few highlights from Ch. 14:

The Sanhedrin was composed of members chosen from the priesthood, and from the chief rulers and teachers of the nation. The high priest was usually its president. All of its members were advanced in years, though not aged; men without physical blemish, married and as fathers, being likely to be compassionate and humane.

Some of the Sahedrin recalled the revelation of Zecharias in the temple, and the father’s prophecy had pointed to his child as the Messiah’s herald. It was well known that the seventy weeks of Daniel’s prophecy covering the Messiah’s advent were nearly ended. The Sanhedrin dispatched a group of priests and Levites to confer with the new teacher.

Jesus came in poverty and humiliation, that He might be our example as well as our Redeemer.

The priests and rabbis desired to hear that Jesus would restore the kingdom to Israel. For such a king, they had been waiting and watching. But one who sought to establish in their hearts a kingdom of righteousness and peace, they would not accept.

It is contrition, faith and love that enable the soul to receive wisdom from heaven.

John and Andrew had a believing spirit. They followed Jesus. Andrew went to approach his brother Simon. Jesus found Philip, and Philip went to seek Nathaniel. This pattern holds a message for us disciples – that is, to go and tell others. If Nathanial had trusted the rabbis for guidance, he would not have found Jesus. It was by seeing and judging for himself that he became a disciple.

No sooner is one converted than there is born within him a desire to make known to others what a precious friend he has found in Jesus.

Our influence on others depends not so much upon what we say as upon what we are. A life of disinterested love is an argument that men cannot gainsay.

Wednesday 7-1-2020 7:00  PM  

Chapter 13 The Victory  Questions   Text


This weeks roles

Prayer Leader: Donville Allen

Special Music: Donville Allen

Opening Prayer: Rich

This weeks notes:

By Elder Mickaël Moore

Chapter 13: The Victory (Highlights concerning the three (3) temptations of Christ) 

Satan tried to deceive Jesus in the wilderness by causing him to doubt that he is God’s son: “If Thou be the Son of God.”  

The tempter tried to take advantage of Christ’s humanity by urging Him to presumption by challenging Him to “Cast Thyself down.”  Presumption is the general idea that no matter whether man doubts God and strays from His word, God will always intervene and save the person from harm.  About Christ’s steadfastness in the face of temptation, Ellen writes, “Not all the power of earth or hell could force Him in the slightest degree to depart from the will of His Father.” 

For the Christian, the tempter can never compel us to do evil.  He can only control our minds when we yield them to his control. Our will must consent and our faith must let go its hold upon Christ before Satan can exercise his power over human beings. 

When Satan tempts Christ, he quotes scripture incompletely and thereby tries to trip Jesus up.  

Christ never once would call on his Father to come to His rescue.  This is partly because he wanted to serve as an example for man.  

About presumption, Ellen writes more expansively:  “Faith is in no sense allied with presumption.  Only the person with true faith is secure against presumption. For presumption is Satan’s counterfeit of faith. Faith claims God’s promises, and brings forth fruit in obedience. Presumption also claims the promises, but uses them as Satan did, to excuse transgression.”  

“Meditation and prayer will keep us from rushing into danger.” 

“When God brings us to trial, He has a purpose to accomplish for our good.” 

 “When Adam betrayed God’s sovereignty into Satan’s hands, Christ still remained the rightful King.” 

Satan approaches men the same way he approached Christ; he offers men the kingdom of the world on condition that they acknowledge his supremacy.  It’s this earthly kingdom that the Jews were expecting the Messiah to fulfill.  But, Christ came to earth to suffer. When men consent to live for the service of self, Satan is satisfied.   When Satan entices men with worldly dominion, he gains dominion of their souls.  

Concluding thoughts: “We cannot save ourselves from the tempter’s power; he has conquered humanity, and when we try to stand in our own strength we shall become a prey to his devices.” And, finally, “Never can the cost of our redemption be realized until the redeemed shall stand with the Redeemer before the throne of God.”  

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